Who We Help

Global Housing Assistance Coalition (GHAC) is committed to providing financial resources and support to rebuild communities by partnering with residents, businesses and other non-profits. We strive to educate individuals about community resources to minimize their exposure due to a catastrophic event.

Global Housing Assistance Coalition has a streamlined process for helping an individual or family who has experienced a loss. We make an initial outreach call to the victim offering our educational and counseling services. By partnering with local businesses and non-profits, we offer financial resources pertinent to the family’s specific situation and needs. For example, some families need immediate housing and meals if they are completely displaced from their home due to a major fire. Others may have housing needs met by staying with family or friends, but need a rental car or a kennel for their pets. Whatever the severity of the situation may be, our organization reaches out to those in need within the first 48 hours of a loss. GHAC also shares reputable resources and a complete checklist for securing property. Our experts provide important information about the attractive nuisance doctrine to ensure landowners are not held liable for tort damages to a child or trespasser. Finally, we educate families on rebuilding their homes.

GHAC’s case managers make the initial outreach call and offer immediate assistance during and after a family have experienced a tragedy. All of our case managers have completed a comprehensive training program, and have the necessary background to educate and coach victims through the insurance claim process.

Proactive Victim Assistance Outreach Program:
By partnering with local fire departments, dispatch units and emergency services we can seek out and locate victims of catastrophic events. We don’t wait to be called, our case managers are linked in with agencies and organizations so we can be the first responders to assist families in times of crisis.