Global Housing Assistance Coalition has a panel of experts who speak on prevention of fire, flood and other catastrophic events. During these public workshops a variety of preventive tips and tools are given, case studies are reviewed, and there is plenty of time for questions and answers. These speakers are experts in their fields and share information on what must be done immediately after a disastrous event has occurred; whether this might be a community wildfire, an earthquake, an individual home fire or flood, a vehicle impact to a business or home, or a number of other possible tragic events. We partner with other non-profits and government entities to compliment and not duplicate their efforts of educating the public.

Global Housing Assistance Coalition also offers seminars to industry professional who work in areas related to catastrophic events. These seminars teach businesses and other community based organizations how to be proactive in preparing for catastrophic events. In addition, these seminars teach and demonstrate the steps necessary to minimize the exposure due to the catastrophic event and expedite the recovery process.